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Our Team.

Meet your Ellevate team! We are a dynamic group coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, and yet we can all agree on a few basic ideals. Women are awesome. Through networking and education, women can flourish. And by engaging and empowering professional women economically, we can activate a community of current and future leaders who have the power to change the world. We hope you'll join us on this exhilarating journey.

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Maricella Herrera Avila

VP Operations & Strategy

Allison Matejczyk

Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships

Rebecca Spitzer

VP of Product & Technology

Ben Sochar

Technical Lead

Sam Giannangeli

Operations Lead

Johanna Pulgarin

Program Manager

Samantha Schwarz

Product Lead

Jess Matley

Chapter Program Lead

Christina Murphy

Marketing Coordinator

Myra Robinson

Community Success Coordinator

Megan Oliver

Marketing Associate

Rachel Cohen

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Pranita Balusu

Program Manager

Chapter Officers

Nicole Brusewitz

Nicole Brusewitz

Denver, Colorado

Chapter Membership Co-Lead

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development & Learning at Mountain West Credit Union Association

Join Ellevate to Meet Nicole
Katie Murphy Burns

Katie Murphy Burns

Minneapolis, MN

Chapter Membership Lead

Senior Account Executive at Target (Roundel)

Join Ellevate to Meet Katie
Lisa Worrall

Lisa Worrall

San Francisco, CA

Chapter Executive Events Co-Lead

President and CEO at Global Native Consulting LLC

Join Ellevate to Meet Lisa
Anu Bhat

Anu Bhat

West Windsor Township, NJ

Chapter Membership Lead

Founder at The Rural Painter

Join Ellevate to Meet Anu
Nana Luz

Nana Luz

San Francisco, CA

Chapter Advisor

Co-Chair at Softype, Inc.

Join Ellevate to Meet Nana
Brittany Peterson

Brittany Peterson

San Francisco, CA

Account Executive at Modern Health

Join Ellevate to Meet Brittany
Kristen Centre

Kristen Centre

Stamford, Connecticut

Chapter Co-President

Corporate Counsel at Berkowitz Trager & Trager LLC

Join Ellevate to Meet Kristen
Nancy Fallon-Houle

Nancy Fallon-Houle

Downers Grove, IL

Chapter Entrepreneur Lead

Founder at Velocity Law

Join Ellevate to Meet Nancy
Pooja Kanther

Pooja Kanther

Mumbai, MH

Chapter Chapter Officer

NA at NA

Join Ellevate to Meet Pooja
Monica Mc Cartan

Monica Mc Cartan

Queens, NY

Chapter Networking Event Co-Lead

Financial Controller for Equity Derivatives at UBS

Join Ellevate to Meet Monica
Kim Pino

Chapter Networking Events Lead

Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Bank of America Corporation

Join Ellevate to Meet Kim
Jennie Byun

Jennie Byun

London, England

Chapter Corporate Events Liason

Investment Director at Aviva Investors

Join Ellevate to Meet Jennie