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Our Team.

Meet your Ellevate team! We are a dynamic group coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, and yet we can all agree on a few basic ideals. Women are awesome. Through networking and education, women can flourish. And by engaging and empowering professional women economically, we can activate a community of current and future leaders who have the power to change the world. We hope you'll join us on this exhilarating journey.

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Rebecca Spitzer

VP of Product & Technology

Samantha Schwarz

Product Lead

Jess Matley

Chapter Program Lead

Johanna Pulgarin

Sr. Program Manager

Myra Goodine

Chapter Program Manager

Chayani Nina Rubesch

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Megan Oliver

Marketing Coordinator

Allison Matejczyk

VP of Enterprise Sales

Ben Sochar

Technical Lead

Christina Murphy

Marketing Coordinator

Chapter Officers

Anne Peterson

Anne Peterson

Plano, TX

Chapter Events & Marketing Lead

Founder at iLumn8.Life

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Jill Barcelona

Jill Barcelona

San Francisco, CA

Chapter Achiever Co-Lead

Financial Analyst at Google

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Lindsey Doss, AAMS®

Lindsey Doss, AAMS®

Alpharetta, GA

Chapter Co-President

Financial Advisor at Raymond James

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Jen Walter

Jen Walter

Charlotte, NC

Chapter Event Lead

Confidence Coach at Jen Walter Coaching

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Cheryl Borland

Cheryl Borland

Villa Hills, KY

Chapter Co-President

Of Counsel at Griesing Law, LLC

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Chapter Social Media Lead

President at liftUPlift Worldwide

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Jenny Riddle

Jenny Riddle

Elmhurst, IL

Chapter Events Lead

Speaker and Consultant at Jenny Riddle

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Kelly Joscelyne

Kelly Joscelyne

Manhattan, NY

Chapter Co-President

Strategy Advisor - International HR at Indeed

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Kerri Koen

Kerri Koen

Malden, MA

Chapter Advisory Council

Attorney at Law Office of Kerri A. Koen

Join Ellevate to Meet Kerri

Chapter President

CEO at The Hametner Group

Join Ellevate to Meet Audrey
Carol Parrish

Carol Parrish

Bothell, WA

Chapter Operations/Enterprise Management Lead

Chapter Member Acquisition at Financial Advisor, Utor Wealth

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Rebecca Tankersley

Rebecca Tankersley

Anaheim, California

Chapter Co-President

CEO at Lion's Heart - Teen Volunteers and Leaders

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