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Our Team.

Meet your Ellevate team! We are a dynamic group coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, and yet we can all agree on a few basic ideals. Women are awesome. Through networking and education, women can flourish. And by engaging and empowering professional women economically, we can activate a community of current and future leaders who have the power to change the world. We hope you'll join us on this exhilarating journey.

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Allison Matejczyk

Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships

Rebecca Spitzer

VP of Product & Technology

Ben Sochar

Technical Lead

Johanna Pulgarin

Sr. Program Manager

Samantha Schwarz

Product Lead

Jess Matley

Chapter Program Lead

Christina Murphy

Marketing Coordinator

Myra Robinson

Community Success Coordinator

Megan Oliver

Marketing Associate

Pranita Balusu

Program Manager

Sophia Solivio

Marketing Lead

Chayani Nina Rubesch

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Mel Hubner

Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships

Chapter Officers

Yojna Belani

Yojna Belani

Mumbai, MH

Chapter Chapter Officer

Manager at Mastercard

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Rebecca A. Hu, CPA

Rebecca A. Hu, CPA

New York, NY

Chapter Advisor

Associate at ING

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Doreen Castaner

Doreen Castaner

San Juan, San Juan

Chapter Advisor

Investors Services Hub at Wealth Advisor

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Upasna Bhadhal

Upasna Bhadhal

London, England

Chapter Social Media Chair

Founder at Career Collective

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Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams

Austin, TX

Chapter Events Co-Lead

Project Management, Dynamic Work - Workplace & Experiences at Citadel

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Chapter Co-Membership Lead

Regional Sales Manager at Ishida Middle East

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Michelle  Martin

Michelle Martin

Rhinebeck, NY

Chapter President

Managing Principal, Wealth Advisor at RiverStone Wealth Management, Inc.

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Chapter Events Co-Lead

Senior Project Manager at Pond and Company

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Maria Pallas

Maria Pallas

Aurora, ON

Chapter Events Lead

Director of Strategy and Optimization at LAUFT Flexible Workspace

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Chapter Social Media Lead

Marketing Expert at 5 Star Social Media

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Tara Lynn Foster

Tara Lynn Foster

Charlotte, NC

Chapter Co-President

HRBP Change Lead | Talent Development and Performance Management Leader | Executive Leadership Coach | Strategy and Process Design Geek | ICF Certified Coach at MUFG

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Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie

Dallas, TX

Chapter Co-President Elect

Experience Strategist & Founder at Gearmark

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