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Calvin Ieong

Calvin Ieong

Full Stack Engineer

Calvin is a Full Stack Engineer at Ellevate Network who will be working on improving the Ellevate platform or building new functionality. Before working at Ellevate, Calvin worked as a software engineer for a company based in the Netherlands. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Calvin worked in hospitality before making a career change to software development. What Calvin likes about software development is being able to wield the tools to build and create. Also he enjoys debugging issues (not a lie) because even though it can be grueling, the moment of finding a solution for a problem is extremely gratifying. 

Female Role Model(s): My grandmother, mother, sister, and my fiancé.

Favorite Hobbies: Listening to and discovering new music. Being lazy on Sunday.

Favorite TV Show(s): Friends, The Office, Dexter, Utopia, Doctor Who, etc. (I watch a lot of shows)

Favorite Gif: