Madeline Kelley

Madeline Kelley

Business Development Associate

Madeline Kelley is a Business Development Associate at Ellevate Network, working to create partnerships with companies to help them attract, retain, and develop their female employees. She believes that by providing companies the opportunity to partner with Ellevate in concurrence with their internal women’s groups, or in lieu of, they will be able to help increase the number of female leaders in the workforce.

Madeline came from the nonprofit sector where she worked as a Development Associate for an organization that advocates for arts funding in public schools. She planned events, secured sponsorships, and helped to find promotional avenues to spread awareness for the cause.

Although Madeline was raised in Connecticut, she feels more connected to her place of birth: Ohio. She is an avid reader (A Little Life, anyone?), lover of comedy shows (watching, not participating), travel fanatic (despite her fear of flying), and hopeful novelist (someday, folks.. someday). 

Ellevate Network is the first place she has experienced women helping other women in a completely altruistic way. Madeline is both honored and proud to be a part of the team.