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Natasha Gitlin

Natasha Gitlin

Full Stack Engineer

I grew up in both New York and Texas but predominantly Texas. Moved back up to New York 5 years ago and now reside in Bushwick. Studied Fine Art with an emphasis in Oil Painting. My first gig up in NYC was at a decorative painting company called Grand Illusion Decorative Painting. Helped design/update the e-commerce site and really fell in love with web development so started learning with the plethora of online resources and subsequently applied to a coding bootcamp. It was a really fulfilling career change because it fuses art and technology which are both dear to my heart. I love to play video games, paint, read/watch sci fi/horror/comedy and mindlessly wander with my wolfgang pup, Navi. (‘hey, listen!’). Really grateful to have found this company as I'm a big proponent of helping others and advocating for equality in the work place! 

Favorite Book: Neuromancer by William Gibson 

Favorite Movie (really hard to choose just one): Fifth Element 

Role Models: My mom (somewhere out there in the universe looking down on me since I was 18 but she instilled in me the best parts of humanity creativity, equality and compassion) as well as my Dad who resides in Dallas, TX still. 

Favorite karaoke song: Life on Mars by David Bowie