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Nazli Tamer

Nazli Tamer

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Nazli Tamer is a firm believer that every organization and individual has a story to tell. As the Marketing & Communications Coordinator, she utilizes her skillset to connect as many womxn with Ellevate’s mission of changing the culture of business as possible. Focusing on strategic communications and brand building, Nazli creates resources, campaigns, moments, and interactions to achieve full and equal access to power for all in the workplace.

Prior to joining the Ellevate Network team in 2018, Nazli held several positions at the global not-for-profit AIESEC, where she led the Michigan regional office and was a traveling learning and development coach to multiple offices across the United States. Her passion lies in empowering organizations to use their voice and platform to positively influence their communities, further social advocacy and civil rights efforts, and to be drivers of change.

Nazli holds a BA in Organizational Studies from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, having graduated with honors (Go Blue!). Born and raised in the city where Europe and Asia collide, namely Istanbul, Turkey, Nazli still spends long evenings trying to convince herself that New York can fare up to Istanbul (but she’ll let you decide).

When she’s not working for womxn in the workplace, Nazli enjoys writing, watching yet another documentary, and staying true to her love language by spending quality time with those who have bold ideas. A true news junkie with an appetite for politics, Nazli rarely starts her day without the headlines, her black coffee, and NY Times’ The Daily.

Nazli always welcomes a friendly hello:

Who’s your Female Role Model? My mom, forever and always, no questions asked. 

What would your last meal be? Copious amounts of cheese. Or if I’m lucky, a giant charcuterie board with a side of red wine

Short phrase that sums you up? As one of my colleagues, Rebecca, puts it, I could be summed up by “always having big ideas and big opinions - and not being intimidated by what it might take to execute on them”

Favorite GIF: