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Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Rachel Cohen is an Enterprise Relationship Manager at Ellevate Network and works to support companies by driving member retention, satisfaction and engagement. Prior to Ellevate, she worked with various nonprofits to develop employer partnerships and manage programs for underrepresented populations (including women+).

Rachel currently resides in San Diego, California with her husband, son and daughter and enjoys weekend treasure hunting for rare records and vintage clothing for their family-owned record shop/clothing boutique.

Female Role Model(s): My mom! She raised me on her own and taught me to always stand-up and speak about what felt right. 

What’s your favorite place on earth? My living room. It's my mini jungle and my 50+ plant babies make it hard to leave for too long so I've turned it into my sanctuary.

First concert: Britney Spears and *NSYNC Summer '99