Samantha Giannangeli

Samantha Giannangeli

Executive Assistant

Samantha Giannangeli has been Sallie Krawcheck's executive assistant since 2014, and works with the team on strategic research and headquarters projects. She has also spent time as a member success coordinator and chapter operations manager. 

Before joining the Ellevate team, Samantha was an analyst for the United States government. There, she put her degree in history and international affairs to use by researching, writing, and presenting studies to military members and senior government officials. 

Samantha now resides in Virginia with her husband and their cats. When she's not in the office, aka her living room, you can find her buried in a book, experimenting in the kitchen, and scrambling over mountains.

Samantha's female role model: Sally Ride

Samantha's favorite Ellevate memory: I work remotely, so my Ellevate experience is a little different than most. I visit the team in NYC pretty frequently, but last time I spent the week sleeping on a coworker's futon instead of booking a hotel. It was really fun to experience the week as a "local", and a great reminder that we're one big feminist family.

Samantha's dream vacation: I'd like to take a week or two to drive around Iceland. I spent a few days there in 2014, and didn't get to take nearly enough time exploring the glaciers, hot springs, and black sand beaches.

Samantha's favorite hobby: Brewing! I love experimenting with different styles and brewing techniques.

Samantha's favorite author: Margaret Atwood

Samantha's favorite GIF: