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I’ve come away from each and every Ellevate event with a fresh idea I could implement immediately to improve my business. What’s Ellevate's secret? The organization’s inclusiveness. Everyone is welcome. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone benefits. It’s quite remarkable.

Stephanie Wickouski in New York City, NY

No matter how successful a woman is, she never tires of learning from or meeting other successful women. Ellevate events, particularly our annual forum, encourage the flow of knowledge and strategies between members. There is a tangible ROI to being a part of the network.

Lucy Chow in Dubai, UAE

I joined the network because I wanted to be a part of a community of vibrant, dynamic women. I’ve stayed in the network and am a proud Chicago Chapter Leader because I believe in supporting, investing and serving this community of vibrant, dynamic women.

Parissa Behnia in Chicago, IL

Ellevate has been instrumental in building my network as well as my company's advisory board and investors. The organization has given me the opportunity to lead a chapter and give back to the community through education.

Mary Jutten in Phoenix, AZ

I joined Ellevate when I was searching for a women’s organization comprised of women committed to helping each other achieve their success. From the moment I connected with Ellevate, I have felt as though I were adopted into a family of 34,000 women who care about me and my impact in the community.

Kedma Ough in Portland, OR

The network has helped elevate my career by teaching me, through example, how powerful a force for change a group of similarly motivated women can be. With one of our globe's greatest assets – women's brains – being underutilized, it is a refreshing honor to be part of a global group changing that in so many ways and across so many industries.

Manisha Thakor in Santa Fe, NM

I couldn't have built GoldieBlox without the help and support of others. Ellevate cultivates a culture of networking with other women, that is not only good practice, but instrumental to growth and development both personally and professionally.

Debbie Sterling in San Francisco, CA

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