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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.

An Open Conversation about Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Curious about mindfulness and meditation? Join us for an engaging conversation with Laura Sage about her mission to help people live less stressful lives.

Executive Roundtable: How Well Are You Managing the Triple Threat to Your Financial Security?

Join us to learn why you—and all women in your organization—face a triple threat to your financial security. You'll want to start a conversation with your HR + senior leader after this one!

Ellevate 101: New Member Welcome and Information Session

Learn how your Ellevate membership provides opportunities to talk to and learn from other women who can help you build a career you love.

Webinar: The Eye of the Storm - Navigating Your Business Through COVID Year Two

*New date: April 20* Join us to learn the factors that will make 2021 a better year in your business and, if you’re one of the newly formed companies, raise your odds of getting off on the right foot.

Workshop: 3 Ways to Full-Spectrum Female Leadership

Learn how to follow your quest to create a purposeful life that will bring forth the extraordinary feminine power that has been shoved aside. As you do, your work - and you - will thrive.

Ellevate Entrepreneurs: Mobilize your Money Mastermind - Q1 to Q2

Get your Money On! This event is a Q1 learnings and earnings look-back. PLUS it's a money mastermind to gear up to THINK BIGGER in Q2 and the rest of the year.

Workshop: Using Your Energy to Tap Into Your True Potential

Join us for an interactive workshop with Rose Littlejohn to understand energy, become aware of yours, and learn how to shift yourself to the highest level, so you can perform and lead at your peak.

A Serial Entrepreneur's Journey: Academics to Athleisure

Listen, learn and connect over the exciting adventures and lessons learned as a serial entrepreneur, Harvard business school professor, and the founder of Peach, whose mission is to help women thrive.

Executive Roundtable: Finding Your TED Talk

Your voice needs to be heard! Join us for this expert-led peer discussion on how to find your voice, clarify your expertise, and tap into channels for amplification and impact.

Webinar: How to Work Your Way Out of the She-cession (With Your Secret Midlife Edge)

Don’t leave it to others to decide whether you’re too old, why you took a break or were let go, whether you’re up on the latest tech -- or anything else, for that matter. Take control of your story!

Entrepreneurs Roundtable: How Healthy Is Your Business?

There's more to a healthy business than top line growth. Tricia Taitt will share a powerful tool that will help you grade the health of your key money metrics for more powerful decision-making.

DEIB Roundtable

Gathering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) professionals, experts, activators, and allies to share, support, learn and grow to further impact our workplaces and societies.