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Mobilize Women 2020: Technology & Bias

Technology plays a major part in our daily lives, and in some cases, it has been used to increase access to opportunities for minorities. Think of tools that allow for blind resume reviews or AI used for bias training. But what happens in so many other cases when the technology we’ve come to depend on is built with inherent bias? Is it helping or hurting?

Join us for a panel of AI experts:
- Rumman Chowdhury, Ph.D., Global Lead for Responsible AI, Accenture Applied Intelligence
- Megan Smith, CEO shift7, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer (2014-17)
- Karen Hao, Senior AI Reporter, MIT Technology Review

Click here for resources shared by the panel:


Mobilize Women Week 2020 is live from August 24th-28th. Visit to register for a multi-day experience designed as a space for authentic, courageous, and fresh conversations.


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