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Ellevate Network's Career Confidential: Succeeding in Male Dominated Industries

Diversity in finance, technology, and sales is still at disproportionately low levels. Ellevate is working hard to change that and we want to help you break into these industries and get the opportunity you're looking for.

Our panelists, including those who made significant career changes into these fields, are diversity and inclusion experts or trail-blazing disrupters, and high caliber recruiters share their key insights, insider knowledge, real-life success stories, and actionable tips in this informative and candid panel discussion.

Guest panelists:
• Ana Agneshwar - Co-Founder & CEO of Elevenwall

• Lynn Grillo - Director of Digital Media Services at Adobe

• Nikhita Jalan - Consultant, Software Testing and Quality Assurance for MasterCard

• Jody Allison - Vice President, Billing and Collections Strategy/Operations at National Grid

And moderated by:

• Lisa Guida - CEO of Why Leap Alliance Inc (Moderator)


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