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Mobilize Women '19 Tackling The World's Biggest Problems

When these speakers talk about creating change, they mean business. No matter which of the world’s biggest problems you’re dealing with — from environmental sustainability, to access to clean water or abolishing world hunger — we know that to solve them it will take cooperation, vision, and a willingness to enact change on a massive scale.

Today, we’re talking about driving change on a grand scale. Esha Chhabra, a writer inspired by social innovation and mission - driven entrepreneurship, will moderate a panel featuring Jay Coen Gilbert, the founder of B Lab, and Cara Chacon, Patagonia’s VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility, and Melissa Ho, Senior Vice President of Freshwater and Food at World Wildlife Fund. Together, they’ll talk about what it takes to tackle the world’s biggest problems head on.

Cara Chacon, Vice President, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Patagonia
Esha Chhabra, Journalist
Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder, B-Lab
Melissa D. Ho, Senior Vice President, Fresh Water and Food, WWF

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