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Mobilize Women 19' POWER of Happiness

Stacey Flowers is a TEDx Talk speaker, entrepreneur and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you create an authentic, fulfilled, happy life. Munroe Global named her The Next Global Leader for her Generation as she is deeply passionate about empowerment, potential, and emotional well-being. Known as "the mentor in your head" because of her refreshing, authentic approach to connect with audiences everywhere, Stacey has a unique ability to empower, educate and inspire.

Application is her aim and she leverages story-telling and scientific research to deliver tangible takeaways long after her keynote is over. Her company exists to equip you to take inspired action to produce radical results in your life. She does this by creating content, products, and services that challenge you to live beyond your limiting beliefs.

She believes self-development is the greatest world-changing tool on the planet and everyone from professionals to students to entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

Stacey holds a bachelors in Paralegal Studies from the College of Saint Mary and a masters in Human Resources from Loyola University Chicago. Her deepest pride and privilege has been raising her son Rakim Prince.

Livestream recordings made possible by RBC Wealth Management - U.S.


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