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Mobilize Women 19' Innovating the Future

It’s going to take some creative thinking to get from here to equality, and we need to get everyone involved. Fortunately, a new generation of innovators, scientists, and astronauts are setting the standard for an early start. They say that children are the future for a reason. They are not as restricted by the ideas many adults have that hold us back from thinking in an innovative, unique way -- the world is limitless to them. We’ve learned through recent events that kids bring smart solutions to problems, prompting us to ask: “Why didn’t we think of that before?” How are the strides we’re making today laying the foundation for the changes that come from true innovation? What can we do to support kids in their creative problem solving and build a brighter future? Today, we’re welcoming Meridith Maskara, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater New York, to moderate our panel featuring the next generation of leaders: future astronaut and literacy advocate Taylor Richardson, and scientific designer Ashley Voisin. Together, they’ll discuss how kids will change the world, and how innovation today will help build a better tomorrow.


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