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Courageous Conversations: The Future of Black Women

Watch our February 2020 feature event, where we spotlight the real-life experiences of a number of outstanding women in our community.

Women of color are massively under-represented (and underpaid) in leadership, the executive suites, and on boards - not to mention their experiences are mostly overlooked in modern literature on women and leadership.

Young girls of color are navigating a world of both opportunity and obstacle. As they grow and find community, purpose, and connection, they must also deal with the double-edged sword of racism and misogyny.

We’re gaining momentum. We give a platform to the women of color who want to have these conversations, honestly and bravely. We champion those in and out of our community for putting in the work to make an actionable change that women and girls of color can draw inspiration from and benefit from. But the fight is far from over.

Our panel explores, discusses, and breaks down some of the issues facing women of color in business through sharing their personal stories as young girls, and grown women. Through their candid and honest storytelling, they equip each of us with so much information, insight, and empathy to be allies in our collective fight for equality, recognition, and advancement.


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