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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.


[Highlights] Courageous Conversations with Joanne Smith and Zakiya Lord

Rewatch some great moments from our Courageous Conversation between the inspirational and powerful, Joanne Smith (Founding President and CEO, Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) and Zakiya Lord (Senior M...

Wealth Attraction Workshop: Remove Your Upper Limits and Manifest More Income, Clients, and Wealth in Your Biz and Career

In this Jam Session workshop, you’ll understand what your biggest money blocks are, and how to move through them in order to create more income and money in your biz and career.

Balancing Work & Mom Life (Without the Guilt)

Work/life balance is a myth. Moms feel guilty regardless of where their energy is focused, be it work or parenthood. We will explore the techniques that have worked for our panelists in the past.

The 5 Essential Pillars to Creating a Healthy Body and Lifestyle

Join us on this Jam Session, where we'll learn about the 5 essential pillars to healing your body and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Banish Your Imposter Syndrome: The Top Five Hacks

In this Jam Session, we'll learn more about Joanne's research on confidence and how women struggle with this often, and the five simple and effective ways to build your personal courage.

3 Proven Steps to Find Your Dream Job

In this Jam Session, we'll learn the three myths about a dream job, important tips for a successful career pivot and three steps you need to take to find your dream job.

​From Hormones to Egg Freezing: How to Incorporate your Fertility into your Career/Life Plan

How can you measure your fertility to better plan your career, goals, and life in general? Join Dr. Erin Burke & the Modern Fertility team to talk through hormones, fertility, egg freezing and more...

Feedback is my Favorite F-Word

Giving and receiving feedback is a vital life skill and essential tool to career growth. In this Jam Session, we will share how feedback will improve the quality of our work, strengthen the relatio...

F.L.O.W.: Take a Mid Year Power Pause

Wise women leaders know to take a personal leadership retreat at the mid year point to reflect and re-focus on their professional goals. Happy and healthy women leaders pause to also reflect and re...

How to Get Out of the “Land of Stuck” and Create Your Best Life!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “there’s got to be more to life, something more fulfilling, more exciting, but you don’t quite know what it is”, or perhaps, you know what that thing is, but you ...

Is Your Financial House in Order?

See the recording of the Lunchtime workshop from the #MobilizeWomen Summit 2019, “Is Your Financial House in Order?” This event took place at the Metropolitan West in New York City, and was sponsor...

#MobilizeWomen Power of Empathy

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about empathy as a tool for leadership, particularly when it comes to building inclusive cultures. We all have different experiences, and it’s complica...

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