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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.


Connecting with Confidence

Talk is cheap. Everyone does it. The question is, how can you make your words matter and influence any outcome? How can you REALLY connect with others?

Exhausted to Exuberant: 3 Keys to Break Free from Career Burnout

Want to have more fun, freedom, and fulfillment? Learn how to go from exhausted to exuberant and have more fun and flexibility at work and in life!

​Women, Success & Self Sabotage: How to Be More, Do More, and Have More

Learn the 5 types of self-sabotage and how to be more, do more, and have more in this timely and interactive presentation by Debra Boulanger.

Mobilize Women '18: Advancing Women is a Team Sport with Sallie Krawcheck

Watch Sallie Krawcheck's keynote from Ellevate's annual Mobilize Women summit 2018.

How to Work a Room with Confidence, Purpose, and Class

Join Deena Baikowitz to learn how to really work a room with confidence, purpose, and class — and a little bit of sass — to make yourself memorable and comfortable in handling any networking situation

How to Take Control of Your Business Risk

Join us for a special Jam Session in partnership with AXA Insurance Company on how to take control of your business risk.

Achieving More as an Ellevate Network Member, with Jennefer Witter

Hear from Executive Council member Jennefer Witter about how she's used her Ellevate Network benefits to attain her career goals, and how you can, too.

How to Network Your Way to a New Job

Join Bossed Up’s Founder & CEO Emilie Aries for a Jam Session on how to kick off your job search the right way, and how to ensure it's successful.

How To Effect Change In The World Today: A Panel Discussion

Do you want to see your community change for the good? Are you eager to contribute? Do you know that you already have what you need to stand up? Watch our amazing panel explore how you can effect r...

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Allies & Ambassadors: Best Practices for Driving Equality in Corporate America Event Highlights

2018 is the Year of Women. But gender inequality is not just a women’s issue – it’s a human one. To create truly sustainable, widespread gender equity, all genders need to be involved in the conver...

Allies & Ambassadors: Best Practices for Driving Equality in Corporate America

2018 is the Year of Women. From Fearless Girl, to the #MeToo movement to massive marches associated with women’s rights, the conversation around gender equality is changing. But gender inequality i...

Commanding the Ever-Changing Retail Landscape

Join Alice Fournier in this Jam Session to gain valuable insight into the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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