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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.

How To Create Webinars That Inform, Engage and Convert

Learn how to create and deliver engaging webinars that position you as an expert and attract new clients - in a way that feels authentic to your brand.

Virtual Workshop: Advanced Networking in Today’s World

​This workshop is all about taking your average networking conversations and turning them into ones that actually lead to opportunities and better strategic outcomes.

Webinar: Maximizing Equity Compensation During a Career Change

​Join us for an overview of the latest equity compensation trends with special focus on negotiating stock grants during a career transition.

Achieve Work/Life Success with Less Stress, More Resiliency and Clear Inspired Action - Part 1 of 3

Session 1: Through a 5-step framework we will explore and clarify how to define success, identify and remove obstacles, set healthy boundaries,

Webinar: Live your Best Professional Venn Diagram Life

Feeling restless professionally or unsure about what path to take? Royann Dean will break down three key actions you can take to embrace the passion and skills to live your best professional life.

Posture for Productivity: Why Posture is the Key to Your Success

Your workday may look - and feel - different these days, but some things never change: the computer is here to stay and long days in front of one can equal painful bodies.

Ellevate and Verizon Present: All-Star Leadership Insights

We're gathering some of our incredible speakers + true champions for equality from past Women in Tech and Telecom events to discuss stories and strategies to triumph during these times.

Mobilize Women: Stories of Equality and Allyship

Join Ellevate and Mobilize Women all-stars for a powerful experience of storytelling that honors the black voices of our community and the impact of allyship.

Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Relationships Through Conversation

Join us for this webinar with Michele Risa to learn how the skill of conversation can advance your career and success.

Understanding Your Role in Unconscious Bias

It’s time we look in the mirror and ask ourselves what each one of us can do for positive change. Join us for this lunch-time panel to discuss unconscious bias. By attending this session, you’ll wa...

Master the Speaker’s Mindset and Command the Room

In this interactive virtual session, you will learn how to masterfully and powerfully command the room when you speak before your audience.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Immune System in Balance

Join Gloria Halim in this webinar to find out how your immune system works, how stress affects your immune system, and tips to strengthen it.