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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.


How to Find Your Power Partners in Business

Join Laura Wallis, online marketing expert, to understand the key steps you need to take to leverage the opportunities available to create your best year yet.

Leading the Life You Want

Building on his 2008 national bestseller, Total Leadership, and on decades of research, teaching, and practice as both consultant and senior executive, Friedman identifies the critical skills for i...

Spark Your Brand

Listen to this Jam Session to learn more about personal brands and how to define yours.

Confidence = Impact: Three Steps to Bridge the Gap

In this Jam Session, you will learn how to boost your confidence and use it to create impact at work.

Managing Motherhood: A Decision-Making Framework for Moms

Nicole Coomber, a management professor at the University of Maryland, will teach you how to use a values-based framework to approach the tough questions regarding motherhood and work-life balance.

To Dream is to Live!

Listen to this Jam Session to learn how to start dreaming again and bring those dreams to life.

The Flexible Workplace: How Leaders Can Retain the Keys to Success and Avoid Giving Away the Keys to the Kingdom

This Jam Session will teach you the flexibility you need to attract, engage and retain top talent.

How to Be a Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Getting Your Financial Life Together

Join author and financial expert Nicole Lapin as she teaches you the basics of setting up a Spending Plan (not nearly as scary as a budget!) and taking control of your financial destiny with terms ...

Why Small Businesses Need to Know About Intellectual Property (IP)

Mary Juetten, Founder and CEO of Traklight, along with Jill Howard Allen, Traklight’s COO, will address some common IP misconceptions to help you better understand the importance of your IP and how...

Innovation: Process or Secret Sauce?

This session is to share some lessons learned across categories and leave time for you to ask your own questions relating to innovation.

Become a Boss of Choice

In this session, Melisa Llarena will talk about how you can become the boss of choice by taking into account the critical insights that only a trusted advisor extracts.

Changing the Face of Angel Investing

In this session, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Fellowship, will discuss why more women and people of color should consider becoming angel investors and how this impacts the st...

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