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Developing a Career with Purpose with Holly Gordon, Executive Director of Girl Rising

Holly understands the importance of finding both purpose and success in one's career. In an interview with Power Circle Member and Northern NJ Chapter Leader Melanie Herald, Holly shares her own st...

Why Even The Happily Employed Need Recruiters – Video Blog

In this career management video blog, I make the case for why you should always return recruiter phone calls even (especially) when you’re not looking for a job.You can read more about this and see...

Attention Multi-Taskers!

Multi-tasking. Most of us have heard it's bad for us. Most of us are never going to give it up. Research claims it's frying our brains. If we're not going to quit multi-tasking, let's a...

Is your Diversity Program a Nod or a Knockout?

Corporate diversity programs are all the rage right now. A good thing, no doubt! Some of these initiatives are merely a nod to the trend while others are having a significant impact on morale, i...

Conversation with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

Zainab Salbi is an Iraqi-American humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, and media commentator who has dedicated herself to women's rights and freedom! At the age of 23, she founded Women for Women In...

Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection

Debora Spar, president of Barnard College and author of numerous books including Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and The Quest for Perfection discusses how women's lives have, and have not, changed over ...

Leading & Winning on the Battlefield of Business with Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour

Leadership under pressure, innovative execution and utilizing battle-tested best practices will be the keys to your organization accomplishing its goals. Vernice shares the #1 thing you need to foc...

A Conversation with Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman M.D., F.A.C.S., Chief Medical Editor, NBC News, Nightly News, TODAY, and Dateline NBC tells Sallie Krawcheck all her secrets of a healthy life, career success... and more!

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