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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.

Mobilize Women 2020: Technology & Bias

Technology plays a major part in our daily lives, and in some cases, it has been used to increase access to opportunities for minorities. Think of tools that allow for blind resume reviews or AI us...

Mobilize Women 2020: Yoga and Conversation

Morning exercise and a conversation on 21st-century yoga, intersectionality, and lack of representation in wellness? Catch this recording of an important conversation with Jessamyn Stanley and Zahr...

Mobilize Women 2020: The Changing Face of Business

With the rise of consumer and employee advocacy, conscious capitalism, generational shifts, and more, how can businesses stay relevant? Join us for fireside chats between NY1 Anchorwoman Kristen...

Mobilize Women 2020: Human-Centric Policies and Cultures

What are the leading companies doing to make sure they are attracting and retaining their top talent? From flexible and remote work, to family friendly policies, fair pay, and space for employees t...

Mobilize Women 2020: It's Ok to Not Be Ok

According to Mental Health America, while 1 in 5 people will suffer mental health illness in their lifetime, everyone faces challenges at some point or another that have an impact on their mental h...

Mobilize Women 2020: When Priorities Change

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the recent months, it is that things change, and it can happen fast. Sometimes we face big, unexpected circumstances in our lives that make us reevaluate our p...

Turning Authenticity and Self-Confidence into Career Advancement, with Loren Shumate (WORKSHOP)

Loren Shumate will talk about the advantages of authenticity and provide skills to approach ourselves with greater confidence to achieve the life and leadership we seek.

Investment Readiness is a Mindset: A Webinar on Raising Capital

Learn three key features that will make you unforgettable to investors and make raising capital easier than you thought, with exercises that change the way you view, and deliver, your next pitch.

Resilience: A Webinar on How to Adapt, Grow, and Thrive

Learn how to meet the demands of these challenging times with sustainable resilience and renewed vision for a better world, with Dr. Sandra Lewis, clinical psychologist and Personal Energy Strategi...

Black Lives Matter: Intimate Stories of Anger, Fear, and Transformation - Where do we go from here?

Join the Ellevate Northern New Jersey for an evening of intimate and engaging storytelling and knowledge sharing with our distinguished speakers. Listen and interact in this safe virtual space.

COVID-19 Legal Issues for Small Businesses

This webinar will address "hot button" employment and contract law issues in the wake of COVID-19.

Virtual Workshop: Calm, Energized & Productive: the antidote to burnout on your team!

In this lively, interactive online workshop, Elizabeth Menzel shares a proven 5-step system based in neurobiology and mindfulness.