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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.

The Best Path to Success in Life & Business: Be Yourself

Listen to this Jam Session with Magatte Wad, who believes that the best way for a woman to succeed is for her to be her most vivacious, feminine, authentic self.

Navigating Gender Dynamics with Dr. Sonya Rhodes

Dr. Sonya Rhodes will discuss how to navigate complex gender dynamics professionally and personally.

Start Planning Now: Commonly Overlooked Deductions on Your Tax Return

The discussion will include a general overview of common deductions, and not-so-common deductions; places you can save on your taxes that you might not have known about; ways to plan ahead for next...

Brain Candy: the 21st Century Tool for Selling, Persuading & Explaining Anything to Anyone

In this Jam Session, you will learn how to use visual thinking to help you achieve the outcomes you want with clients, colleagues, employees, management and funders.

Thrive - Helping You Make Financial Progress, Part 1: Get Organized

In the first of this three part Jam Session series, Jannine Allex of Fidelity Investments, will present methods that you can use to get organized, build your plan and own your future.

Employee and Member Engagement – Do YOU Show It? How Can Your Organization Get It?

Listen to this Jam Session to learn how to maximize engagement in your organization and grow your business.

What NOT to Do: Sure-Fire Strategies for Career Mediocrity

Join Sallie Krawcheck for this Jam Session as she shares her advice on what NOT to do if you want to excel in your career.

How to Find Your Leadership Voice

Listen to this Jam Session to learn specific tools to help you develop, build and embrace your leadership voice.

Confidence = Impact: Three Steps to Bridge the Gap

In this Jam Session, you will learn how to boost your confidence and use it to create impact at work.

How to Find Your Power Partners in Business

Join Laura Wallis, online marketing expert, to understand the key steps you need to take to leverage the opportunities available to create your best year yet.

Help for The Reluctant Presenter

Join us for this Jam Session to gain confidence and learn tools to improve your presentations.

Gravitas for Women: The Leader's Edge

In this talk, Allison Sagraves will discuss seven actionable steps to gain gravitas and give you the leader's edge.