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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.


Grow Your Business by Creating Content that Delivers

Join marketing consultant Melissa Todisco in this Jam Session and walk away with a clear action plan to create your next piece of content that will grow your business.

​Land Your Dream Job Without Applying: Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn Networking

Join this webinar with Lisa Frumin to learn how to transform your LinkedIn profile from bare-bones and underwhelming to comprehensive and impressive, with an online networking strategy to boot!

Show Me the Money: How to Successfully Launch and Fund Your Startup

Join us for a Jam Session designed to teach female entrepreneurs how to successfully launch and fund their startup.

Power Up Your Productivity in 2018

Join us for this Jam Session with Productivity Coach Lori Bruhns — a high-level, big-picture assessment of where you are, where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Finding and Landing Your Dream Job in 3 Months

Join Career Coach Lisa Frumin in this jam session where she will tell us about the simple job search system she created that landed her 3 out of her last 4 full-time jobs with raises at each one.

Defining Your Professional Image

In this interactive session, Karen Gray will include images, exercises, and discussion to help you establish your presence by improving your personal style.

Bridge the Gap Between Being Charitable and Being a Changemaker

In this Jam Session with Kirsten Bunch, you will understand specifically what you can do to create even greater life-changing transformation in your community and in yourself.

Livestream: Global Impact Starts With You - A Panel Discussion

Can one person change the world? How do you take action when you feel you must? Want to create/join an organization or company that is mission driven? Our expert panel will discuss all this and more!

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business, with Tina Pettigrew and Alison Williams of Ellevate Network

How do you start using social media to grow your business, and how do you use your limited resources to gain the traction, following, engagement, retention, and referrals that you need?

Identifying and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

In this Jam Session, Hira Ali will teach you what imposter syndrome is and how to overcome it.

Rediscover What You Love: Breathing Fresh Air Into Your Career

Join us for a Jam Session with Raphaela Browne to rediscover what motivates you in your career, and why.

Keeping Your Retirement On Track: Protecting Against the 5 Derailers

Join us for a special Jam Session in partnership with Prudential on how to keep your retirement plans on track