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Explore educational videos on a variety of themes meant to augment your skill-set and unlock your full potential.


AMA with Ellevate HQ: What Do You Want to Know About Your Membership?

Join Kirsten Penaloza and Johanna Pulgarin on this Ask Me Anything-style Jam Session to learn how to make the most out of your membership benefits.

She-Suite Confidential: Martina Hund-Mejean & Sallie Krawcheck Unplugged

On June 6th Mastercard hosted Sallie Krawcheck (Ellevate Network Chair, Ellevest Co-Founder and CEO) and Martina Hund-Mejean, (Mastercard CFO) for an unplugged and candid discussion moderated by Be...

Connecting with Confidence

Talk is cheap. Everyone does it. The question is, how can you make your words matter and influence any outcome? How can you REALLY connect with others?

How to Work a Room with Confidence, Purpose, and Class

Join Deena Baikowitz to learn how to really work a room with confidence, purpose, and class — and a little bit of sass — to make yourself memorable and comfortable in handling any networking situation

Achieving More as an Ellevate Network Member, with Jennefer Witter

Hear from Executive Council member Jennefer Witter about how she's used her Ellevate Network benefits to attain her career goals, and how you can, too.

How to Network Your Way to a New Job

Join Bossed Up’s Founder & CEO Emilie Aries for a Jam Session on how to kick off your job search the right way, and how to ensure it's successful.

How to Stay Ahead on LinkedIn: Working With Their New Content Visibility

Join Crystal Thies is this Jam Session to make sure you adapt to LinkedIn's new policies.

Monetizing Your Message: Using Speaking Engagements to Grow Your Business

Join us in this Jam Session with Sable Badaki to learn how to monetize speaking engagements and use sponsorships to grow your business.

How to Network to Find Your Next Work

Join us in this Jam Session with Mary Meston to learn not only why networking is key to your success to your next work, but also to discover key resources to begin leveraging right away.

How to Make 2018 Your Year with Ellevate

Learn how you can engage with your Ellevate membership by connecting to your network of supportive women, creating and sharing content, learning from resources created by members, for members, & more.

The Art of Making Strategic Partnerships

In this Jam Session, Keisha A. Rivers will provide strategies, tips, tools and insights that will assist you in creating strategic partnerships that are more "win-win" than "gimme-gimme.'

​Land Your Dream Job Without Applying: Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn Networking

Join this webinar with Lisa Frumin to learn how to transform your LinkedIn profile from bare-bones and underwhelming to comprehensive and impressive, with an online networking strategy to boot!

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