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Breast Health and Healing

Online • October 16, 2013

This Jam Session focuses on a relevant process to fighting breast cancer: determining causes and preventive strategies.

Wed, Oct 16 1:00 PM - Thu, Oct 17 6:00 AM EDT

Does a virus cause breast cancer in women? Similar to many other diseases, the fight against breast cancer has been focused on treatments and cures. However, a more relevant process to fighting this illness should be focused on determining causes and preventive strategies, especially with regard to the rising rates of breast cancer diagnoses. The Breast Health and Healing Foundation is devoted to determining the viral causes of breast cancer. Past research shows that 40 percent of human breast cancers exhibit similar gene sequences to those found in a retrovirus known to cause breast cancer in mice. If further studies show that 40 percent of human breast cancers are caused by the mouse mammary tumor virus, medical advances in creating a vaccine could develop a primary prevention method against this disease.

Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy, breast cancer surgeon and the founder of The Breast Health and Healing Foundation, has spent her life devoted to helping women diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2006, Dr. Ruddy began attending McGill University to obtain the International Masters for Health Leadership in hopes to create an organization aimed at providing innovative breast cancer treatments and prevention strategies. By April 2008, the Breast Health and Healing Foundation was born. The mission of this foundation is to discover the causes of breast cancer and use this knowledge to prevent the disease.

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